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Cordless Drill Battery Charger Must Have

A great deal of home owners make use of a cordless drill at some time or other. Battery technology has advanced a lot in recent years and there are not many jobs that a cordless drill can’t do. It can be difficult to choose between all the different models that are currently available because they have similar features. Let’s have a look at the features that all good cordless drills should have.


One of the most important component of a cordless drill is the battery. The performance of the battery goes a long way to determining how good a drill is. Batteries have become smaller while their power and lifetimes have increased. Even 18-volt batteries are small and lightweight. This is one of the major advances of recent years and you should always look for a drill that has the smallest and lightest battery possible. You will also want to make sure that the drill comes with a second battery. This means that you can use the spare while the other battery is being charged. If you look for a charging time of 30 to 40 minutes, you will can work all day interchanging batteries as required.

The optimal type of battery to choose is a Lithium-Ion battery. These charge quickly and keep your drill running for as long as possible before they run out of charge. These batteries are also longer lasting in comparison to other designs.

The second thing to look for is a good mixture of torque and power. The torque is a measure of the turning power of the drill and reflects its ability to drill holes and drive screws into tough materials. High power usually comes in tandem with high speed. Make sure you get a drill with at least two speed ranges. This is important so that you can match the drill speed to the job at hand. This will give much smoother operation and more accurate results. A further point on the list is the ergonomic design of the cordless drill. This relates to how easy it is to hold and operate. This is usually governed by the size and weight of the drill. A large and heavy drill can be very tiring and also difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. The best drills have good balance as well so that the weight is uniformly spread.

Some other functions that come in handy are a LED light and a belt clip. The light will help you when you need to work in tight and dark spaces. The belt clip will allow you to keep the There are a list of akku bohrschrauber test you should be aware of that will help you narrow down your decision.

Consider how often you plan to use the drill. If you plan to have the drill around only for occasional use, such as hanging up pictures or curtains when you decorate a room, you may want to choose an inexpensive one. You can still get the power you desire without paying a high price. If you fall into this category, you should consider the Powersmith cordless drill kit which sells for $30. On the other hand, if you need a quality drill that you intend to use often, you may want to invest more. There are some drills such as the Hitachi drill that can cost upwards of $310.

  • Assess the activities you will be performing with the drill. If you need it for multiple uses, look out for the speed of the drill. Most drills have slow and fast speeds, but may vary in the number of speed settings. If you think your projects will require varying amounts of speed, choose a drill that has that available.
  • Determine how long you think you will use the drill in a given period of time. If you are a handyman or work in the carpentry business, you will likely need a drill with a long battery life. In the event the battery does die, you’ll want it to be able to charge quickly so you are not waiting around to use it. Look for a drill with a battery that charges in less than hour.
  • Handle any drill you are considering before purchasing it. As you pick it up you will want to not its weight. A heavy drill will be hard to hold up for an extended period of time. Additionally, consider how the grip feels if it has one. If it is not easy to grip it might not be the drill for you.